Sheikh Mahmoud Salman Faysal

Phd in Psychology, a clergyman, a writer, and a philanthropist. Born in 1947 in Aley city, Mount Lebanon. At the time where very few were able to pass the Lebanese Baccalaureate, he did so and went to the Lebanese university to study educational psychology and held a Masters Degree in Psychology and then PHD in the same field. He then founded Eshraq School in Aley before he was requested to serve in the administration of Baakline Official Secondary School. After that, he  founded Eman Secondary School that is known today as Boldwin School. Throughout his life, he has spreaded positive energy to people around him, acting as a role model for everyone he encounters in his treatment of others. He is a practitioner of Yoga and other spiritual and religious exercises. His first book “Prophecy from the perception of Greek philosophers” published in 2016 is one of the greatest contribution to the spiritual library in the Arab world.


Sanaa Bou Diab Faysal

Holds a degree in history and a mother of four. She co-founded Eman Secondary School with her husband and served as principal from 1989 until 2011. She contributed greatly to the quality of teaching at the school and managed to work hard between her family duties and graduating hundreds of students throughout her twenty two years of service. She is also a dedicated practitioner of her religious duties.


Naja Mahmoud Faysal

After studying and working abroad, he came back to serve his community in the Shouf District. He launched the new vision of the school along with the new brand “Boldwin” that stands for quality and modern education. He is now the principal of the school along with other social activities. Read More about Naja Faysal >>