Seeking Spiritual Fulfillment since 1989

Since the very beginning, the founders of the school were fighting for a nobel cause. In 1989, girls of religious families in the Chouf District were supposed to accept their destiny and stay at home after the 9th grade (Brevet), wait for the “groom” and serve as a housewives all their lives. Mahmoud Salman Faysal and his wife Sanaa Bou Diab didn’t accept this reality and believed that every person has the right to pursue education, so they opened classes in their humble house to teach girls high school program leading to the Lebanese Baccalaureate. Many girls have graduated at these early years from the home school and have become doctors, lawyers, school teachers, and business women.

Boldwin School is proud to have this heritage behind its inception. We still follow the footsteps of the founders until now, fighting for the right for every child to get quality education with no gender, racial, political, or religious bias.