• Policy

Safety comes first is not just a headline, it’s a daily concern and hard work. Thus, any potential harm is immediately addressed despite of its nature. Any activity or decision that could potentially have unsafe consequences is immediately dismissed.

    • E-safety

Safety of children on the internet is also one of out primary concern especially with the widespread smart phone usage between children of all ages and the tremendous access to the internet. We believe connected children is a two edge sword, it has great educational benefits and at the same time provides a great threat. Cyber criminals and hackers are organizing attacks on the most vulnerable and our duty is to try to educate our kids and the parents on best practices to protect their children.

    • Physical Safety

We make sure every part of our campus is safe for our students with no harmful objects that can potentially harm our students. The edges of the walls for the KGs are protected with sponge materials. Students are at all times under observation either physically with the presence of supervisors or teachers or via security cameras positioned at critical areas within the school campus. Students are insured for any accident.