Boldwin School is a unique place in which students spend their time learning and interacting with others. Students are treated as grown ups. Rules and regulations are made simply to respect the freedom of others and for the effective operations at  the school. Students are not oppressed or treated as inferiors. We pay a lot of attention on bullying and other offensive behaviors that might take place among students. In general Boldwin School has  a relaxed environment and is highly conducive to learning.

Our Bring Your Own Device policy is applied not only on student’s tablets but also their cell phones, thus students bring their tablets and cellphones to school and keep it with them throughout the day.  Students keep their cellphones and tablets turned off in class unless instructed  by their teachers. This makes them  feel trusted; thus, they  do not violate this basic rule. “You will be surprised how students behave when they feel trusted and respected” said Principal Naja Faysal in one of the interviews.

The school also celebrates many religious and non-religious occasions and holidays without any bias to any religion over the other. Religious and political debates are however not allowed on school campus. School’s major graduation events are a testimony to the spirit of achievement and accomplishment. Students presented in these events as stars performing on stage. Quality video recordings are always available on school’s social networks sites, as well as, upon request by parents.

The school has a strict anti violence policy, all sorts of violence acts are prohibited. Teachers and supervisors sign a memorandum of understanding that these acts are not allowed.