No student is left behind. Students vary in their abilities, some are brighter than others in certain areas and some haven’t been given the correct attention in their early years at school, so they were raised having some deficiencies in certain areas of their academic pursuit. It’s our mandate to work with  each and every student no matter how challenging or difficult their  situation could be.

We follow a state of the art plan to find improvements with  struggling students:

Understanding the Situation:

We first need to go through a series of assessment exams to have a 360′ degrees picture of the students academic abilities. We will understand his/her strengths, weaknesses, and areas that  we can work on.

Defining Objectives:

Based on the evaluation, we then define specific, measurable and attainable goals.

Choosing the right Strategy:

When we know our goal, we, in coordination with the academic board as well as the parents, devise a strategy to achieve it.

Following a detailed Action Plan:

Once we are confident about the strategy, we put it into action with detailed tasks and time frame.

Revising and monitoring results:

Our plan will then be flexible, and we continuously check and revise it whenever needed. We keep control over the outcome and we change direction whenever it is necessary.