1. Parents pay registration fee at the accounting office and take two copies of receipt, one they keep for themselves and one they submit it to registrar personnel.
  2. Registrar personnel receive the copy of the registration fee receipt and fills out the Parent Information Form, Student Information Form and Transportation Details Form.
  3. Registrar personnel hands out parents the Documents Needed for Registration, Important Dates and Policies/Procedures sheets.
  4. Registrar personnel hands out the Principal a file containing the following documents in printed format:
    • Filled out Student Information Form
    • Students Grade Book from the year before and / or Results of Entrance Exams
    • Clearance from the accountant and / or Receipt of registration fees
    • Acceptance Letter template
  5. Principal evaluates the file of the student and signs/stamps the acceptance letter and hands it to parents.
  6. Parents carries two copies of the signed/stamped Acceptance Letter, one they hand it to registrar and one they hand it to the accountant who will prepare the invoice, contract and schedule of payments.
  7. Parents sign the financial papers at the accounting office and pay for the Book List, Student Accessories and Custom. Parents receive two copies of the receipt, one they keep it for themselves and one they hand it out to the school’s bookshop.