There are many reasons to choose boldwin school for your children’s education. Prior to listing the reasons, you as a parent, you have to admit that change in education is inevitable and our children should not learn the same way we learned not because we didn’t achieve much as a generation but because we simply live in a completely different world today, and the future needs different skills than those necessary at our time. Today students need to believe in themselves, to be confident and creative, they need to be humble and ethical, they need to think critically and know how to collaborate with others and finally they need to know how to communicate and express their ideas and talents. These skills are today much more important than the contents of academics our traditional schools used to focus on when we were studying. Thus why boldwin school?

  1. Because we are a true family. We are a second family for your kids. Our hospitable staff and kind teachers deal with your kids in a respectful manners. We tend to solve issues with dialogue and discussions. Violence in all forms is forbidden.
  2. Because we listen to the parents, each student is a son and daughter to the boldwin family and we care about their well being in all areas of their lives. The parents are friends and extended family. We are always available to listen what parents have to say.
  3. Because our staff and teachers are experts in their field and most of them are young and tech savvy, this made them receptive to the change in the education sector.
  4. Because we focus on skills more than content and this was described in the introduction of this page.
  5. Because we appreciate students’ talents and work on developing it. Students should never be judged by their academic success or failure and every student have something special to contribute to humanity. It’s just a matter of discovering and nurturing these talents.
  6. Because we embrace change and we embrace technology. If we resist change and we resist the technological world we live in,  we will be rejecting the facts of our life. We have to admit that technology today is an integral part of our life and we have to master technology to communicate, collaborate and innovate.
  7. Because students aren’t just numbers. We treat them as grown ups and try to influence their character and open their minds to accept the differences between each other and between neighborhoods, families, religions, races, nations, continents around the world.
  8. Because our schedule is very comfortable. We start classes at 9am so students wake up comfortably in the morning, especially that the shouf region is very cold in the winter and waking up very early has a lot of disadvantages. Classes end at 2pm so students arrive back home early to rest and do the activities they like to do. 6 sessions of carefully picked subjects distributed in a way that each student has at least one extracurricular session per day which activates their right brain systematically.
  9. Because the school location is conducive to learning. The building is surrounded with pine trees and natural beauty away from traffic jams, noise and pollution.
  10. Because safety comes first. We apply safety measures in every part of the students life at school. Kgs department is isolated from the rest of the school with its private playground. Every edge has a safety bumper. Floor has special rubber mats that protect kids from any harm if they fall down. Elementary department has its own floor as well and their own recess times so they don’t interact with older students. All school is covered by cctv security cameras on key areas like toilet entrances as well as playgrounds.
  11. Because the secret is in the methodology. Edutainment is used to make academics more fun for students so we try to use games, music, film and arts to teach important academic material in an entertaining and inspiring way.
  12. Because our students achieve great results. Whether in the official exams or on other competitions locally and internationally. Best of all, we give chances to students less gifted academically and we believe in them to have other areas in their lives that is successful thus we encourage them to shine in their own ways.